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Safety Features

Safety is the state of being �safe�, the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable. This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses. It can include protection of people or of possessions.

At DLF international Packers and Movers, we give utmost importance to the safety of the consignment. We suggest our clients with appropriate facilities that would suit their specific relocation requirement. Our experienced personnel help our clients in deciding the size of the �Portable Home� as per the volume of goods that needs to be moved. This helps the transportation of the goods fit neatly and compactly into the given space, thus ensuring the safety of goods by encountering the jerks and bumps during the transit.

Furthermore, we also use heavy duty iron sheet containers that helps in reducing the materials and manpower for creating exterior safety leads. This helps in reducing the involved costs significantly.

Some of the features of safety standards we follow are:
  • Our Portable Home units can be lifted as a whole unit and attached conveniently from one base vehicle to another; this ensures that the consignments would not be shifted at any point of time
  • Our Portable Home units also helps in saving the break-down/ non-availability of permits during the transit as the consignments are delivered timely
  • We have standby trucks and security supervisors at various locations to handle any kind of exigencies and also ensure tamper-proof sealing and locking of the consignment while in transit
  • We also provide our clients with the facility of using their personal locks
  • We ensure that the goods moved are provided with total protection from rain, dust, sun, water and pilferage possibilities.
  • Our personnel take adequate safety measures to ensure there is no damage to the goods from the bolts, angles and other vehicle accessories while loading and unloading
  • We utilize international quality packaging materials and techniques that can change depending on the nature of the product.
  • In addition, we also provide our customers with a total risk-free insurance cover against their consignment
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    Way back in 1987, a small firm with a simple name, �DLF international Household Carrier� started functioning. The name, in a way, spelt out the intended ambit of the firm's activities: relocation of household goods. There have always been many �players� of this �game�; but, after the first few tentative steps, the new baby gained confidence and became an expert. This is a brief history of our company's beginnings.

    From those small beginnings, our company has grown and grown and grown. And the growth has been remarkably rapid. What started off as a small business has now become one of India's largest transportation companies. To reflect the vastly increased scope of activities, a suitable name was required. We have renamed our company as �DLF international  Packers and Movers  Our company runs over 1000 vehicles. Our Pan India presence has been marked by the establishment of 52 Company owned offices which service 1264 locations across the country. And we are expanding.

    We started our service with only one lorry, one office and a small team. It was a family-operated business. And, though the business has grown, it is family run to this day. From our very first day, quality of service has been our core principle. That is why there are no franchisees. Franchising carries the risk of dilution of standards.

    Conscious of our beginnings, our company has continued to develop and improve the home relocation services. We are pioneers in the field of systematic home movement in India, and have consistently offered 'A Class Service'. We make judicious use of portable homes and Welfare
    Activities. These modes of systematic scientific packaging are reusable. Our relocation package of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking services is very popular with clients. No headaches, no tension.

    Service Range

    India's economic growth, coupled with globalization, has seen a rapid increase in the movement of goods and people across the country over the years. Reliable relocation services are a necessity today. At DLF international   Packers and Movers (DIPM), relocation services are our core business. We have developed and implemented excellent plans for the systematic relocation of household and commercial goods. Packing materials of high quality are deployed, to ensure that the goods entrusted to our care reach their destination in good condition. Wherever necessary,portable home units and Welfare Activities are used.

    For the majority of householders, the hassles of packing and moving can be intimidating. Today, these tasks are best left to professionals. Ours is a professionally run company: we take care of packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking of the goods assigned to us. Depending on the nature of the articles, appropriate packing material is used. Special care is taken of delicate items. In urban India, disposal of used packing material can be difficult. In fact, it can be an avoidable headache for a householder who has to settle down in a new location. Our service takes care of this issue, too.

    We are always eager to give our clients the best possible service. Based on our experience, we have found that certain types of transport vehicles and packing methods are of immense help in providing our 'A Class Service'. We deploy Request a Quote and Achievements. Many clients, both householders and corporates, find our Car Carriers safe and reliable.

    For certain types of packing, we use Corporate Social Responsibility and Welfare Activities.
    As an offshoot of globalization, there are many professionals who move overseas. Often, they wish to take some of their belongings to the new location. Our company has a proven Reach Us service. This service operates smoothly, either through our own network or through reliable companies in the destination country.

    Our Team

    Our company has installed very good infrastructure. Substantial investment has gone into transport vehicles, fork lifts, packaging material, communication and other equipment. We also operate a large number of offices and warehouses.

    Our company is able to make optimal use of this infrastructure thanks to the efforts of our excellent team. This team consists of qualified and experienced personnel with a professional approach to our industry and service. It is because of their dedication, expertise and knowledge that our company has earned its reputation among our customers. Every member of our team contributes towards achieving our aim of consistently providing quality services. To run smoothly, every system needs to be 'well oiled', it need to be maintained well. There are several experienced personnel with us who have been entrusted with the maintenance of different vehicles and equipment.

    Our courteous service and consideration for clients' interests have helped us to retain existing clients and attract new ones. New developments are taking place all around us, and in every field. We have a research and development team, who with their continuous research provide us with new and innovative ideas to improve our quality and range of services.

    Industry We Serve

    Our company's original name, �DLF International Household Carrier�, indicates the sector for which our services were intended. Things have changed. We have grown substantially. But our interest in serving the household sector has not diminished in any way. In fact, customers have pointed out that the quality of our services has actually improved. This is due not only to our years of experience, but also to our investments in acquiring new equipment and learning new techniques.

    There are several business establishments in different parts of the country who entrust us with their packing and moving requirements. Small, medium and even large companies find it cost effective to use our services rather than set up units of their own. Our large network of offices linked by excellent communication facilities come in very handy in tracking consignments. With over 1000 well maintained vehicles, our company has an enviable delivery record.

    Our Request a Quote and Achievements are in great demand among all categories of clients. Many clients, both householders and corporates, find our Car Carriers safe and reliable.

    Over the years we have gradually built up a huge network of 52 Offices and 21 Service Centers across the country. Thus, we are able to serve individuals and corporates who require shifting of products to any part of the country.

    DLF Packers and Movers has made a significant contribution in boosting Indian Exports. The international Business contacts developed over the years, has helped in creating a dependable �Reach Us� Service. Many individuals and corporate exploit this service for shipping their products to customers settled abroad.


    Right from our very first day in business, our stress has been on quality and courteousness. Our reputation has been built upon these attributes. Quality has become integral with the way we think, plan and work in fact, it has become a part of our lives. At DLF Packers and Movers, we exceed our customers' expectations very often.

    Each and every member of our team, irrespective of the position held, understands that it is important to gain and retain the customers' confidence. The processes involved in our services are so diverse, and frequently so intricate, that each member has to do his job, not just well, but better than expected. We are happy to say that feedback from clients has been very positive.

    We entered the relocation business fully aware that our company could grow only if it could gain the confidence of clients. Our infrastructure and the way our staff handle consignments go a long way in reassuring customers that their valuable goods are in safe hands. We have committed ourselves to give them more than what they expect from us.


    Our company, DLF Packers and Movers, was established in 1987 with an office in New Delhi. With the growth of our business activities, offices were set up in other cities. Today we have a network of 52 offices and 21 service centers in various cities across the country. Our original New Delhi office is now our Head Office, the nerve center of our network. Thus, clients from practically all parts of India are able to avail themselves of our services. With a huge fleet of over 1000 well maintained vehicles, our company has naturally become a leading packing and moving service provider.

    High quality packing material is always available at our various centers. A substantial number of portable home units and Welfare Activities have been procured. For safe and easy loading and unloading, a large number of trolleys, fork lifts and similar equipment are available. State-of-the-art warehouses have been built for safe storage of goods. Specially designed vehicles are used for car relocation.
    Substantial investment has been made in computerization and communication services to keep track of the consignments. There is a 24x7 customer care service in place.
    Our aim is to continue to maintain our reputation as a customer-friendly company.


    The good name that our company has earned in industry circles stands on a solid foundation: our record of reliable, courteous service and sound infrastructure. For packing and moving services within India, we have a wide network of offices and service centers. Our company has a presence in practically all the big cities in India. Our client base, too, is very wide, from individuals to corporates who need shifting of products (including cars) from one part of the country to another.

    We also offer Reach Us services, either through our own offices or through reputed foreign partners. These services, too, are popular among individuals and corporates.

    There is somebody who understands your emotions when it comes to moving..